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Maybe you’ve chosen the first option that popped up in your Google search, maybe you went for the movers advertising the lowest price or maybe you’re paying your friends in pizza for helping you move. Whatever the scenario, it’s clear what you have are not fully trained, professional movers.

As furniture gets scratched, backs get thrown out and time slips by with your things still not moved, you start to realize that even if you paid the lowest amount, you’re still not getting a good deal. Moving Unlimited helps you avoid this by providing the best in professional movers while also offering comprehensive, affordable services.

Moving Unlimited


Each of our professional movers is a dedicated employee with specialized training who has undergone an extensive background check. We manage the quality of the drivers and movers we employ to ensure their safety, reduce damage and create a healthier company overall.

We also provide our professional movers with ongoing safety training and learning resources along with professional equipment such as back braces and hand carts. By ensuring the safety of our movers, they are able to provide you better service.


Moving Unlimited is committed to putting money back into our equipment and company to provide you better service. We make it a priority to regularly replace old equipment and keep our vehicles on a consistent maintenance schedule. This helps us avoid delays due to breakdowns and damage from faulty hand carts and inadequate packing materials.


If you’re still considering getting your neighbor, friends or some random mover to help with your relocation, we invite you to contact us to speak to a knowledgeable representative. We’ll go over the details of your move, schedule and budget to create a plan that works for you. This consultation has zero obligation and we’re always happy to help and provide expert moving advice!

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