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When choosing a mover, don’t settle for one that just throws your items on a truck. Instead, seek out pack and move companies like Moving Unlimited. With this service, you can rest assured that we’ll not only get your items to their destination, we’ll also assist in making the packing process much easier.

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When preparing to relocate, you may be wondering about packing your house to move. What should you pack in the moving truck? What should you keep separate? What are some of the best ways to keep delicate items safe?
While there are any number of resources you can find to tell you how to pack your items, most things are better left to professionals. The one major exception is personal items such as clothes, toiletries and anything else you’re likely to need immediately after your move. Here are a few more quick tips for packing your house to move.

What to Keep With You: It can be tempting to start throwing EVERYTHING into boxes with the plan to sort it out later but this will lead to far more headaches than most movers are ready to deal with. Instead, keep an emergency box with everything you’ll need for at least a few days. This is likely to include:

  1. A few changes of clothes

  2. First-aid kit

  3. Toiletries

  4. Power cords and mobile devices

  5. Label Boxes by Room: Packing your belongings together based on what room they belong will make it infinitely easier to set up your items in your new home.

  6. Keep Household Necessities Separate: If you’ve managed to pack items by room then this shouldn’t be too difficult, but if you’re struggling to find a place for everything then you should at least keep a dedicated box or two that holds essentials. This is different from your personal essentials and will contain things needed in your home quickly, such as cookware.

  7. What Should You Leave for the Movers to Pack: The items we most often recommend for customers to leave for us include big items like furniture, appliances and large electronics. There is often little you can do to make these items easier to move and we’ll have the equipment and workers available to make it easier.

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