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If all you think of when you hear the phrase “packing supplies” is popping bubble wrap, then you may need some help from the experts at Moving Unlimited. Packing supplies and packing and moving boxes come in a lot more variety than that and can be used to provide maximum protection and to save you money during your move. Moving Unlimited is here to make sure you have everything you need to pack your items securely.

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Moving Unlimited stocks a variety of packing and moving boxes to ensure you always have the right protection for all your items. Some of our specialty boxes include:

•   Wardrobe Boxes: Equipped with a metal rod, wardrobe boxes allow you to hang your clothes up for packing. This can be a major timesaver for your professional clothes which are likely to need ironing if they are not hung properly.

•   Mirror Packing Boxes: Designed to fit snuggly around mirrors, paintings and other flat, pieces, mirror packing supplies help you move some of your most fragile items safely

•   Quality Corrugated Boxes: Your most common type of boxes, these sturdy work horses of packing supplies’ world come in a variety of sizes to fit your items securely.


Moving Unlimited also carries a variety of other packing supplies to reinforce our boxes and to provide special care for certain items. Some of our most popular packing supplies include:

•   Tape: Tape sounds simple enough, but for moving purposes it’s important to have strong tape that can stand up to being moved around. This includes: duct tape, strapping tape, and labeling tape.

•   Wrapping Material: Choose from paper wrapping or bubble wrap depending on the level of protection you need.

•   Labeling and Cutting Supplies: You’ll also need quality markers, box cutters and scissors from our arsenal to complete your move.

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