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Whether you’re moving to a big house or downsizing to a small apartment, Moving Unlimited’s apartment moving service will make your move easy, safe and affordable. Our expert movers are skilled in moving large, heavy and awkward objects even in the tight spaces that are common in many apartment buildings.

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Many of the apartment movers you might see advertised are likely to be inexperienced in this particular type of moving. They are equipped to move items from one home to another and use the same methods for apartments. However, there are several things to consider when moving out of or into an apartment, including:

Apartment Moving Times: Many apartment buildings have restrictions on when moving can happen due to the potential for loud noises as large furniture is moved. With Moving Unlimited, we work around your schedule and that of your apartment building.

Coordinating Times Between Apartment Buildings: If you’re moving from one building to another, this can pose another issue with timing. When you need this service, we’ll work with you to coordinate a moving out time that will leave room in the schedule to get your items safely over to your new apartment.

Stairs, Elevators and Other Obstacles: The apartment movers without experience will often misjudge space and the difficulty of obstacles within an apartment building. Certain precautions and considerations must be made if there is a small elevator, multiple flights of stairs or a need to move furniture through a lobby. At Moving Unlimited, we understand this and will measure spaces and furniture before trying to move it through difficult areas. This saves time and prevents damage to your items.

With our dedicated apartment moving service, you’ll get the expertise you need to make even the most difficult of moves easy, safe and worry-free. To learn more about what the apartment movers on our team can do for you, call us or use our easy Contact Us form.


Moving Unlimited, the largest moving company provides a portfolio of services to a diverse range of clients.


Make home feel like home faster with our expert residential Vaughan movers. Whether you’re moving down the street or across the country, Moving Unlimited will work with you to create a hassle-free, stress-free and pleasant moving experience.


Moving a business presents a unique set of challenges for employees and owners. When choosing your Vaughan movers for your office or other commercial space, you need a moving company that will work to reduce downtime and ensure the fast, efficient setup of your new workspace.


Often, the more miles you have to cover, the more chance there is for something to go wrong. This is why Moving Unlimited takes special precautions when it comes to long distance moving. Unlike other moving companies, we have dedicated training, trucks and equipment for long distance moving. This cuts down on time, cost and the chance for damage.

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