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You’ve just gone through a stressful move that involves a new city, a new job or possibly a whole new life. Things finally begin to settle and you think you can start to relax. Then the moving bill comes. It’s literally hundreds more than the company told you it would be with tacked on fees for services you didn’t even know you were getting!

This, unfortunately, is a reality for many customers undergoing a residential or commercial relocation. Moving Unlimited helps you avoid this with upfront, no hidden fee services. We work to ensure we give as accurate an estimate as possible with add-ons discussed before services are rendered.

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The situation above often happens when someone chooses a cheap mover based on lowest advertised price. However, these rates are often similar to what you’ll find from a cable company. Yes, maybe the base price is low but there are tons of fees that haven’t been added in and basic services that most people will need beyond what that price covers.

Instead, Moving Unlimited provides affordable movers. Affordable movers mean we provide cost-effective services without compromising quality or inflating the bill with hidden fees later. We do this because our goal isn’t just to lure you into choosing us, we want to gain your trust and make sure you’re 100% satisfied and will continue to be a customer when you need to move again.


Another way we ensure quality while still providing affordable prices is by never double-booking our movers. This means that our loaders and drivers are available for as long as you need them. Still have a few things you need moved? Some heavy lifting to be done? Want things taken to a storage area on your property? All of this is possible because we believe in professional quality along with affordability.

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With Moving Unlimited, you get a moving company that is full of trained and experienced movers who are ready to offer their very best efforts to make your moving day a good one. Our polite and personable staff service the Ontario area and understand the unique difficulties that city (as well as country) moving has to offer.

At Moving Unlimited, we are happy to offer you professional service and expert assistance. Our movers understand the stress that moving day can cause, and they aim to make your life as easy as possible throughout the process. We work hard in order to give you the best moving solutions possible, no matter how specific and unique your requirements and needs might be.

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